Saturday, April 09, 2016

New NIFOG Available

A necessary tool for any serious federal scanner listener is the National Interoperability Field Operations Guide, or NIFOG. The latest version is 1.6.1 and is available now. There are several sources for downloading this document. Here are a few:

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Super Bowl 50 Monitoring

Here's a short list of what I was able to monitor during my stay in the Santa Clara area for Super Bowl 50:

136.3750    AM        CBP Air and Marine "COMPANY" VHF
142.6125    67.0        Blue Angels Ground Coordination
162.0750    N300        Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
162.3125    N300        CBP
162.6250    N820   
162.6500    N304        CBP
162.7125    N293   
163.0750            VA Medical Center Paging
163.1125    N496        Multiple Agencies (RID 1340xxx, 4050xxx, 6804xxx)
163.1875    N303        Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
163.2000    N303        ICE
163.7000    N164        ICE
163.9125    N167        Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
163.9625    N167        FBI, input to 167.6125
164.3500    146.2        Analog repeater
164.4000    N001        Secret Service, PAPA
164.5375    N1F1       
164.7375    N302        CBP
164.8875    N001        Secret Service, OSCAR
165.0625    CSQ        Military Police units at Levi’s Stadium
165.3750    N001        Secret Service CHARLIE
166.1875    N293        Coast Guard NET 124 - STATION MONTERREY
166.4625    N001        Federal Common, FBI radio ID’s
166.5125    N001        White House Communication Agency, ALPHA/SIERRA
166.7375    N314        CBP
167.2375    N167        FBI
167.3625    N460        FBI
167.4125    N167        FBI
167.5375    N167        FBI, radio ID 1
167.5625    N167        FBI
167.5625    167.9        FBI -Yes, analog!
167.6125    N167        FBI
167.7875    N167        FBI
168.4875    N293        US Marshals Service
168.8875    N776        FBI radio ID’s
168.9125    N510        FBI radio ID’s
168.9875    N511        FBI radio ID’s
169.4125    N293        CBP Air operations @ Levi’s Stadium
169.6500    N167        FBI
170.3375    N300        ICE
170.3625    N167        FBI
170.3750    N167        FBI
170.7500    N293        Federal Courthouse San Jose
170.7875    N718
170.8875    N167        FBI
170.9875    N304        Both CBP and ICE units
171.3500    N293        Coast Guard NET 133
171.4375    N293
171.9875    N7CE   
171.9875    N304        ICE
171.9875    N167        FBI
172.1500    N001        Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at stadium
172.1875    N510        FBI
172.2125    N167        FBI
172.2125    N730   
172.2375    N302        Main Federal Ops Channel @ Levi’s Stadium?
172.3875    N167        FBI
172.7125    N167        FBI
172.9000    N001        TSA @ SJC
172.9000    N013   
173.1750    N293        ICE radio ID’s
173.3875    N293        US Marshals Service
173.8375    N293        FBI and other agency radio ID’s.
173.8625    N167        FBI
173.8750    N1D3       
237.8000    AM        Blue Angels Flyover
271.0000    AM        NORAD Combat Air Patrol
282.6000    AM        Aerial Refueling
284.2500    AM        Blue Angels Flyover
285.4000    AM        Oakland Center ARTCC
298.3000    AM        CA ANG Fresno
301.6250    AM        RED 1 – SCOUT/SHADOW helicopters
408.2375    N293        VA Medical Center, Palo Alto
409.0250    N293   
412.9750    N293        Coast Guard NET 409
415.2000    127.3        Federal Protective Service

IRS - Heard Them Lately?

At one time, the IRS division of the Treasury Department was fairly active on their federal frequencies. Lately they seemed to have gotten harder to hear. Not much activity has been heard on their frequencies, but I don't think they've changed to different ones. It's just hat unless they have a major surveillance or warrant service going on, they just don't use the radios that often.

But keep an hear on their frequencies anyway, as you never know when they might get busy!

Here are the frequencies that have been identified as being allocated to and used by the Treasury Department, and specifically the IRS:


Most IRS VHF P25 channels appear to be using a Network Access Code (NAC) of N100. There is evidence that the TIGTA (formerly IOG) operations are using a NAC of N1F1. And the primary repeaters for IRS operations may have adopted the system used by other federal agencies of using different NACs to access different repeaters on the same frequency. Here are some confirmed loggings of IRS channels around the country:

163.2125, N100 – IRS TAC 1, most likely a nationwide assignment
163.6375, N100 – IRS TAC 2, also nationwide
164.5375, N1F1 – IRS TIGTA
165.1000, N1F1 – IRS TIGTA
165.3375, N1F1 – Possible IRS TIGTA TAC channel
165.9500, N001 thru N010 – IRS NET 1, using various NACs
165.9500, N100 – Some areas used as a simplex TAC, or NET 1 repeater out
167.0000, N001 thru N010 – Input to the 165.9500 repeater using various NACs
172.6375, N1F1 – Input to the 164.5375 MHz repeater

Federal Use of DMR

In the January 2016 issue of The Spectrum Monitor, I listed a few confirmed frequencies that seem to be carrying a digital mode called DMR (the Digital Mobile Radio standard), or what Motorola sells as MotoTRBO digital mode. This was considered unusual for a while, as most federal agencies were required to use the chosen standard digital mode, which is APCO P-25. But some federal agencies are exempt from the requirement and buy whatever types of radios they can afford.

Here is that list and I ask that anyone who has stumbled across federal frequencies using DMR to pass them along ot keep the list up to date!

165.4125         Narraganset, RI - Environmental Protection Agency
165.5375         Bedford MA - VA Medical Center Maintenance
171.3875         Mt. Hopkins, AZ - Smithsonian, F.L. Whipple Observatory
173.9875         Providence, RI - VA Medical Center Maintenance
406.1375         Philadelphia, PA
406.1375         Portland, OR
406.2875         Philadelphia, PA
406.3875         Washington, DC - U.S. Capitol
406.5000         Boston, MA
406.5375         New York City, NY
406.5375         New Orleans, LA
406.5375         St. Louis, MO
406.5500         Seattle, WA - U.S. Postal Service Operations
406.6625         Chicago, IL - Federal Reserve Bank
406.9375         Las Vegas, NV - U.S. Postal Service Operations
407.2500         Boston, MA
407.2500         Philadelphia, PA
407.2500         Seattle, WA - U.S. Postal Service Operations
407.3375         Los Angeles, CA
407.5375         Chicago, IL
407.5500         Chicago, IL
407.5500         Seattle, WA - U.S. Postal Service Operations
407.9375         Las Vegas, NV
407.9375         New Orleans, LA
407.9375         Federal Way, WA - U.S. Postal Service Operations
408.0000         Portland, OR
408.1000         Los Angeles, CA
408.5125         Washington, DC - U.S. Capitol
409.1375         Federal Way, WA - U.S. Postal Service Operations
409.4375         Vancouver, WA - VA Medical Center
409.7375         Los Angeles, CA
409.7750         Philadelphia, PA - IRS Facility
409.8375         Washington, DC - U.S. Capitol
413.5250         San Diego, CA
415.2500         Baltimore, MD
416.8375         New Hampshire, unknown location - U.S. Postal Service

Not on this list was some DMR activity heard in South Florida a while back on some known TSA frequencies. I had received information that the TSA was demoing the DMR radios as they were looking to purchase new equipment. The testing lasted for a short time and has not been heard since.

2016 - Where Are The Blog Posts?!?

Sorry to all of the Fed Files blog fans out there. I've been neglecting my blog postings for too long now, and will try and catch up with more information from the Fed Files and the Federal Wavelengths column.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I hope all the Fed Files fans and The Spectrum Monitor readers have a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

406.9375 MHz in Las Vegas Identified

For some time I have been hearing Moto TRBO (DMR) on 406.9375 MHz. I assumed for some time that it was related to the VA Medical Center in Las Vegas.

But now I am field testing a DMR capable radio and I can actually hear what is being said on the frequency, it appears to be the US Postal Service, probably a bulk mail center or main mail processing center. There were plenty of references to loading docks and trucks & trailers. But the big clue was references to "Reno Mail" being loaded.

So far, 406.9375 MHz is the only federal frequency in the area that I have found DMR digital traffic on, so I don't believe this is a trunked system.

Monday, October 19, 2015

More Federal Prison System Updates

It appears that the Federal Bureau of Prisons, part of the Justice Department, is continuing to upgrade their existing Motorola Type II trunked systems to APCO P-25 digital systems.

The Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Englewood, Colorado has recently moved to a P25 system, and here is the PRO96COM analysis of that system:

#This section is here for information only.  With the exception
#of the Call Sign(s), This data is not Read back into the program at all.
System ID             : 85D
System Name           :
WACN                  : BEE00
Tower Number (Decimal): 1-1
Tower Number (Hex)    : T0101
Tower Description     :
Control Capabilities  : Voice,Registration
Call Sign(s)          :
Timestamp             : Mon Oct 19 08:49:50 2015

#Format: Table ID,Base Freq,Spacing,Input Offset,Assumed/Confirmed,BandWidth,Slots

#Format: Channel,Usage,Frequency(/Slot),Input Channel,Input Frequency(/Slot),Input Explicit(1/0),Hit Count


Tuesday, October 06, 2015

CBP OAM changes to AMO

As of October 1, the Customs and Border Protection Office of Air and Marine has changed their name to CBP Air and Marine Operations (AMO).

The CBP operates one of the largest non-military air and naval forces in the world. More information can be found here:

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Top 100 Military Frequency List

In the October issue of The Spectrum Monitor (, I  posted my attempt at an updated version of the Top 100 Nationwide Military frequency list. I started this years ago, and have updated it with some new frequencies that might be heard anywhere in the US. If you have any additions, corrections or suggestions, please let me know!

I will be updating the list as things change, and you can find the most updated version on the front page of the Fed Files Blog -
Top 100 Military list:

40.5000           FM      FM Guard – All Agencies & Services
41.5000           FM      Army – FM Common           
121.5               AM     VHF Guard – All Agencies & Services
123.025           AM     Helicopter Multicom
123.05             AM     Multicom       
123.075           AM     Helicopter Multicom 
123.1               AM     VHF Search & Rescue (SAR) Common
123.4               AM     Informal Air-To-Air
123.45             AM     Informal Air-To-Air
126.2               AM     Military Control Towers VHF Common
129.525           AM     Air Force - Special Air Missions VHF Common
130.65             AM     Air Force - Air Mobility Command VHF
136.375           AM     Customs and Border Protection VHF Air “Company”
138.3               AM     Air Force - VHF Common
148.125           AM     Air Force - NORAD VHF
148.125           FM      Civil Air Patrol
148.150           FM      Civil Air Patrol
156.800           FM      Coast Guard - Marine Channel 16
157.050           FM      Coast Guard - Marine Channel 21A
157.075           FM      Coast Guard - Marine Channel 81A
157.100           FM      Coast Guard - Marine Channel 22A
157.125           FM      Coast Guard - Marine Channel 82A
157.150           FM      Coast Guard - Marine Channel 23A
157.175           FM      Coast Guard - Marine Channel 83A
165.2375         FM      Customs and Border Protection
166.4625         FM      Federal Government Common
226.1               AM     USAF - AIR-TO-AIR
226.2               AM     Informal Air-To-Air [SIERRA ONE]
226.4               AM     Informal Air-To-Air [SIERRA TWO]
228.8               AM     Air Force - NORAD Common
234.5               AM     Informal Air-To-Air
234.55             AM     Informal Air-To-Air
236.6               AM     Military Control Towers UHF
237.9               AM     Coast Guard - Air Operations Secondary
238.9               AM     Aerial Refueling
239.8               AM     Air Force - Weather
241.0               AM     Army - Air Common
242.4               AM     Army & Army Guard - UHF Common
243.0               AM     UHF Guard - All Agencies and Services
251.9               AM     Search and Rescue (SAR)
252.1               AM     Air Force Reserve - Command Posts
252.8               AM     Air Force - Air Mobility Command
255.4               AM     FAA Flight Service Stations - UHF
271.5               AM     Air Force - Air Combat Command Air-To-Air
277.8               AM     Navy Fleet Tactical Common
282.0               AM     Coast Guard - Air Operations Common
282.425           AM     Customs and Border Protection Office of Air and Marine
282.7               AM     Aerial Refueling         
282.8               AM     Search and Rescue (SAR) Common
300.6               AM     Informal Air-To-Air [REMINGTON]
303.0               AM     Informal Air-To-Air [WINCHESTER / THIRTY-THIRTY]
308.35             AM     Customs and Border Protection Office of Air and Marine
311.0               AM     US Air Force Air - Combat Command (ACC) Command Posts
319.4               AM     US Air Force Air Mobility Command (AMC)
321.0               AM     US Air Force Air Combat Command (ACC) Command Posts
326.15             AM     Coast Guard Air to Ground Primary
324.6               AM     Aerial Refueling
333.3               AM     Informal Air-To-Air [QUAD THREE]
333.35             AM     Informal Air-To-Air [QUAD THREE-FIVE]
333.55             AM     Informal Air-To-Air (FULL HOUSE]
340.2               AM     Navy Control Towers UHF
342.5               AM     Air Force - Weather
345.0               AM     Coast Guard - Air Operations Primary
349.4               AM     Air Force - Air Mobility Command Common
350.025           AM     Customs and Border Protection Office of Air and Marine
351.2               AM     Air Force Reserve - Command Posts
352.6               AM     Aerial Refueling
360.2               AM     Navy Control Towers UHF
364.2               AM     Air Force - NORAD Air Intercept Command and Control
372.2               AM     Air Force - Dispatch Common
375.2               AM     Air Force - Weather
376.025           AM     Air Force - Air Mobility Command Common
376.075           AM     Customs and Border Protection Office of Air and Marine
379.05             AM     Coast Guard - Air to Ground Secondary
381.3               AM     Air Force Air Combat Command (ACC) Command Posts
384.1               AM     Air Force - NORAD Air Intercept Command Secondary
384.55             AM     Informal Air-To-Air Common [PISTOL FIVE]
385.0               AM     Navy - Port Control Common
385.9               AM     Air Force Air Combat Command - Logistics
390.15             AM     Aerial Refueling - Boom Common