Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Border Patrol in Arizona

In the November issue of Monitoring Times, I mentioned a number of VHF P-25 repeaters that had been heard on the air in Southern Arizona over the past summer. It now appears that even more new frequencies are on the air and are being used extensively by CBP Border Patrol.

Since my last visit to the Tucson area last spring, there has definitely been an increase in activity on these new frequencies, but the traditional Border Patrol channels in the 163 and 168 Mhz range have become used less and less. If you live in the Southern Arizona area, start searching for new frequencies. Here is a list of what is being heard now:

163.6250 MHz, N206
163.7000 MHz, N201
166.7375 MHz, N30E
168.8250 MHz, N302 - RED MOUNTAIN

168.8250 MHz, N330 - WIDE AREA
168.8250 MHz, N710 - WIDE AREA
169.1625 MHz, N293 - CBP AIR 4 (More on this frequency in the January Fed Files!)
169.5500 MHz, N203 - TUBAC AREA BORDER PATROL ON 1-19
169.9375 MHz, N330

169.9375 MHz, N653 - GILIO 1
170.3500 MHz, N130 - WIDE AREA INTEROP
170.3500 MHz, N20C - WIDE AREA INTEROP

170.3500 MHz, N230 - WIDE AREA INTEROP (Nogalas, AZ)
170.3500 MHz, N340 - WIDE AREA INTEROP
170.4375 MHz, N301 - AJO
170.4375 MHz, N130 - AJO
170.4375 MHz, N230 - Far East Arizona
171.0375 MHz, N201
171.1875 MHz, N110
171.3250 MHz, N20C
171.6625 MHz, N210
172.0625 MHz, N20A
172.7625 MHz, N210
173.1750 MHz, N209
173.1875 MHz, N110
173.1875 MHz, N230 - INTEROP MT. LEMMON
173.5000 MHz, N20B
173.6125 MHz, N210 - May be input or simplex, called "SCAN 3"
173.6500 MHz, N206
173.7375 MHz, N130
173.9375 MHz, N304

This appears to be a major move towards a new network of Border Patrol and CBP operational repeaters that may continue across the southern United States, and along the lines of what has been in use along the Southern California region for quite some time.