Thursday, July 13, 2006

Las Vegas Area Scanning - Updated!

All sorts of stuff to listen to here in Las Vegas. Unfortunately work kept me away from the radios for much of the time I was there. Also, the hotel we stay at is in some kind of weird RF whirlpool that seems to de-sense my radios with all kinds of noise and RF garbage. Anyway, here are some highlites:

166.3000 MHz, CSQ - Lake Mead National Recreation Area, F1 repeater, discussions on loading up helicopter to head for wildfire. Also mentioned being back "in the Park". Input to this repeater is reported as 166.9000 MHz.
167.4375 MHz, P25 - Always encrypted, most likely FBI.
169.4000 MHz, CSQ - BLM Dispatch for some fire units for a wildland fire northeast of the Las Vegas area. Reference to helicopter 7AW heading back from the fire. Input to this repeater is reported as 168.5250 MHz.
170.0500 MHz, CSQ - Lake Meade National Recreation Area repeater.
172.9000 MHz, P25 - TSA at McCarran Airport. I gotta give these guys credit for really moving the bodies through the checkpoints in near record time. They don't fool around in Las Vegas!