Thursday, March 20, 2014

New BoP System Near Philadelphia?

I'm monitoring a P25 trunking control channel in the Philadelphia area that doesn't match up with what I've heard in the past and is not listed on Radio Reference.

The control channel is currently on 410.0000 MHz, shows a System ID of 4C6, WACN of BEE00. The only system frequencies I have heard so far are 406.8125, 409.2125 and the control channel on 410.0000 MHz. The voice channel NAC is N4C1. These frequencies have been used in other Bureau of Prisons trunked systems in other parts of the country.

Anyone have any information on this one? I am guessing that the Federal Detention Center in Philadelphia has upgraded their Motorola Type II trunked system to a P25 system on some new frequencies.