Saturday, August 11, 2018

Unidentified Federal Trunked System A52

A quick update on the unidentified P-25 trunked sites I and others have heard in the Las Vegas area. Radio reference has updated the entry for this system and it now indicates that it is a multi-site, multi-state system, with sites in California, Arizona and Nevada.

I monitored the control channel data about a month ago on a visit to the area and it still only showed two sites active and no affiliations. But apparently they have been busy with this system build-out.

I suspect this is a Department of the Interior system that will support the Bureau of Reclamation and other DOI activities in the Lower Colorado region.

Although it is listed as "Clark, NV", I am certain that site 112 is at or near the Hoover Dam area, as I get close-call hits on that control channel when I am at the dam.

Here is what is showing at Radio Reference:

2-013     Site 13        Riverside, CA  172.1125
2-061     Site 61        Yuma, AZ       172.650
2-065     Site 65                       172.6502
2-075     Site 75                       172.1375
2-122     Site 112       Clark, NV      172.1125