Monday, April 04, 2011

DoJ Buys E.F. Johnson Radios

The Department of Justice Wireless Management Office has purchased an unknown number of E.F. Johnson branded P-25 radios. This report indicates these radio will be used primarily by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

NCAA Final Four Houston

From the looks of the on-line posting, the Final Four games in Houston this past weekend were loaded with local and federal radio action. As I posted, a lot of federal law enforcement activities were planned for the weekend of the Final Four games, called by some as "Super Bowl levels" of federal planning.

The folks in and around Houston did a nice job of keeping the scanners going and even posted what they heard in a wiki article on Radio Reference:

One interesting item that was noted during all the activities was some clear traffic that referenced some Department of Energy personnel involved with federal activities, possible monitoring for radiation levels. There was some activity noted on 171.2000 MHz, analog, and that is a nationwide DoE allocation. I did not see anything noted, but would not be surprised if there was some Enviromental Protection Agency (EPA) activity during the weekend as well...