Saturday, July 07, 2007

164.9625 MHz Anyone?

I am curious if anyone is hearing any law enforcement activity on 164.9625 MHz in your area. This frequency has been a long used Customs tac frequency that folks in South Florida have been hearing for years. In the old Customs channel plan, this was often referred to as "A-7", and under the new DHS channel plan it may be known as TAC 21. It appears to be used primarily by the Customs Air Marine Division and was very active at the recent Super Bowl in Miami.

What I am curious about is if anyone outside of South Florida has heard the use of this channel. This frequency is not an exclusive DHS Customs assignement, so I'm curious if it is used anywhere else. If you hear any activity on this frequency in your area, please let us know at the Fed Files!
UPDATE - Here is what readers have sent me so far:
Boston - US Postal Service - 164.9625, 162.2 pl - input to 173.6375, 162.2 pl repeater

Federal Interop "25 Cities" Frequencies

In the January 2007 Fed Files, I mentioned the Justice Department's "25 Cities Project". Basically the program focuses on 25 major US cites and helps plan and provide radio interoperability between federal and local radio systems. You can find some very informative downloads at the project’s web site:

(NOTE: It appears that the DoJ has moved all the 25 Cities downloads behind a login page. However you can do a search for "Department of Justice High Risk Metropolitan Area Interoperability" and you should still find access to all of the individual PDF files for each city.)

I have recently received some additional frequencies that may be part of the 25 Cities Project. Here are a list of what I have so far. If you have anything to add, please let us know!

168.8875 - P25 repeater
168.9125 - P25 repeater
170.8125 - P25 repeater
171.4375 - P25 repeater
171.6875 - P25 repeater
172.2125 - P25 repeater

Dallas / Ft. Worth
170.7250 MHz - P25 repeater "Dallas East"
171.4375 MHz - P25 repeater "Dallas West"

170.7250 MHz - P25 repeater "L-1"
171.4375 MHz - P25 repeater "L-2"

New York City
167.7875 MHz - P25 repeater

171.4375 MHz - P25 repeater "FIO"