Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Federal Executive Board

These were recently posted on Radio Reference. They were listed as NYC area frequencies for the Federal Executive Board. To be honest, I hadn't even heard of the FEB until I saw this posting:

FEB F1 - 408.4000 MHz, 131 DPL
FEB F2 - 418.0750 MHz, 131 DPL
F3 - 408.4000 MHz, 023 DPL
NATIONAL F4 - 408.4000 MHz, 712 DPL
F5 - 408.4000 MHz, 244 DPL
F6 - 418.0750 MHz, 023 DPL
F7 - 418.0750 MHz, 712 DPL
F8 - 406.8000 MHz, CSQ

Interesting in that most of these frequencies are federal itinerants and would be available to almost any government agency. Also interesting is the use of all the digital squelch, unusual for federal operations.

Here's the lowdown on the Federal Executive Board, http://www.feb.gov/