Thursday, March 01, 2007


I had a little time between flights at Dulles International Airport near Washington, DC this week. Here's a little of what I was able to scan from Terminal D:
162.3500 MHz - FAA, Wind Shear data?
165.8250 MHz, P-25 - "409 to Command Center..."
168.9250 MHz, P-25 - DHS Customs & Border Protection at IAD
171.2375 MHz - Paging data
172.9000 MHz, P-25 - TSA at IAD - The TSA seems to be encrypted most of the time here. Very unusual for TSA, but I've heard reports they are encrypted full time in San Diego also.
407.8625 MHz, P-25 - Close Call hit on this frequency, sounded like "SIDE DOOR" calling Patrol Units.
408.6000 MHz, P-25 - Another Close Call hit. Active, but unknown who it is.
409.7125 MHz, P-25 - Yet another Close Call hit. Also active and unknown.

Maybe some of the folks who regularly monitor the DC area can fill me in on who all the UHF P-25 frequencies belong to!