Saturday, July 31, 2010

US Troops Deployed to Border

National Guard troops are beginning their deployment along the US-Mexico border. Troops will be deployed in Texas, New Mexico , Arizona and California to help support the Border Patrol with border security.

Monitors along the border areas can check for additional frequencies that might be in use by the National Guard troops. I have heard that some troops have received training in the use of the DHS CBP digital radios prior to being deployed.

Previous troop deployments to the border areas in Texas have included some additional antennas being installed at the Border Patrol checkpoints along major highways. The old checkpoint near Laredo, Texas had what appeared to be a military style VHF low-band antennas, most likely for the National Guard SINCGARS radios, operating from 30-88 MHz.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More From USFS Mt. Hood

In past blog posts I have mentioned some changes taking place in the Mt. Hood National Forest and Gifford-Pinchot National Forest areas of northwestern Oregon and southwestern Washington state.

I have been searching through the UHF federal bands lately as new P-25 links keep showing up as the radio work continues. I just installed a new UHF Yagi antenna to try and help pull in some of these UHF frequencies. Here's what I found today:

406.3875 MHz, 136.5 pl - USFS Columbia Dispatch
407.1375 MHz, N482 - US Postal Inspectors, Portland
408.2000 MHz, N107 - Federal Protective Service, Portland
408.8125 MHz, analog carrier
408.9875 MHz, N788
409.1875 MHz, N555 - USFS Columbia Dispatch
410.7875 MHz, analog
412.8375 MHz, analog - May have been US Corps of Engineers
414.0375 MHz, analog, Should be one of the UHF federal interoperability naional calling channels. I heard someone heard finishing a test count, "3,2,1, test out...", but did not catch a PL tone.
416.1375 MHz, N482 - US Postal Inspectors, repeater input

More as the new antenna sucks it in!