Federal P-25 Radio Identifications

I am currently starting to catalog the P-25 radio ID numbers that belong to federal agencies. Not all have been connected to a specific agency, but hopefully time will allow some sort of pattern to emerge as to which radio IDs are with what federal agency. If you have an federal radio ID's and want to include them in this catalog, please feel free to send them along at the email address on the front page of this blog.

00010xx           Department of Veterans Affairs – Security
00170xx           Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
00171xx           Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
01040xx           Spotted on 408.4000 MHz, N223
0203xxx           U.S. Secret Service
0375xxx           U.S. Secret Service
0456xxx           U.S. Marshals Service
0443xxx           BATFE
0488xxx           BATFE
0523xxx           BATFE
0524xxx           BATFE
0526xxx           BATFE
0527xxx           BATFE
0610xxx           U.S. Secret Service
0651xxx           U.S. Secret Service
0652xxx           U.S. Secret Service
0757xxx           Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
100xxxx           Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
11010xx           U.S. Postal Inspection Service
11011xx           U.S. Postal Inspection Service
1111xxx           U.S. Department of the Interior
130xxxx           Justice Integrated Wireless Network (IWN) Trunked System
13078xx           IWN - Federal Bureau of Investigation units
132xxxx           IWN
1328xxx           CBP Office of Air and Marine
1330xxx           CBP Office of Air and Marine
137xxxx           IWN
1379xxx           United Stated Coast Guard
138xxxx           IWN
2004xxx           Transportation Security Administration
205xxxx           Customs and Border Protection
205xxxx           Drug Enforcement Administration
2071xxx           Drug Enforcement Administration
2074xxx           Drug Enforcement Administration
211xxxx           Drug Enforcement Administration
2121xxx           Drug Enforcement Administration
218xxxx           Customs and Border Protection
22000xx           U.S. Postal Inspection Service
2221xxx           Drug Enforcement Administration
2430xxx           Federal Protective Service
3003xxx           Transportation Security Administration
3017xxx           Federal Protective Service - Region X
3018xxx           Federal Protective Service - Region X
3059xxx           Federal Bureau of Investigation
3105xxx           Federal Bureau of Investigation
3251xxx           Federal Bureau of Investigation
3301xxx           Federal Bureau of Investigation
3304xxx           Federal Bureau of Investigation
3309xxx           Federal Bureau of Investigation
337xxxx           Federal Bureau of Investigation
3431xxx           Federal Bureau of Investigation
350xxxx           Federal Bureau of Investigation
355xxxx           Federal Bureau of Investigation
405xxxx           Transportation Security Administration
4140xxx           Drug Enforcement Administration
5000xxx           Federal Protective Service - Region IV, X
5001xxx           Federal Protective Service - Region IV
505xxxx           Customs and Border Protection
5107xxx           Customs and Border Protection
5110xxx           Customs and Border Protection
5111xxx           Customs and Border Protection
5130xxx           Customs and Border Protection
520xxxx           CBP Office of Air and Marine, OMAHA aircraft
5211xxx           Customs and Border Protection
5213xxx           Customs and Border Protection, Field Operations
5215xxx           CBP Office of Air and Marine
5216xxx           Customs and Border Protection
5223xxx           Customs and Border Protection
5227xxx           Customs and Border Protection, Field Operations
5234xxx           Customs and Border Protection, Field Operations
5238xxx           Customs and Border Protection, Field Operations
5239xxx           Customs and Border Protection, Field Operations
5305xxx           Customs and Border Protection
5510xxx           U.S. Department of the Interior
5511xxx           U.S. Department of the Interior
5810xxx           United States Coast Guard
5813xxx           United States Coast Guard
5814xxx           United States Coast Guard
5816xxx           United States Coast Guard
6050xxx           Immigration and Customs Enforcement
618xxxx           Immigration and Customs Enforcement
625xxxx           Immigration and Customs Enforcement
626xxxx           Immigration and Customs Enforcement
628xxxx           Immigration and Customs Enforcement
632xxxx           Customs and Border Protection
654xxxx           Unknown Agency NYC
750xxxx           IWN
80xxxxx           U.S. Secret Service
801xxxx           U.S. Secret Service
802xxxx           U.S. Secret Service
805xxxx           U.S. Marshals Service, Federal Courthouse
818xxxx           U.S. Marshals Service, Federal Courthouse
8207xxx           U.S. Marshals Service, Federal Courthouse
8287xxx           U.S. Marshals Service
8289xxx           U.S. Marshals Service
832xxxx           FBI
837xxxx           IWN
838xxxx           FBI
868xxxx           FBI
8720xxx           Transportation Security Administration
890xxxx           U.S. Secret Service