Saturday, August 24, 2013

CBP Changes in Houston Area

I'm seeing reports of major changes in the Customs & Border Protection (CBP) repeaters in the Houston, Texas area. It appears that they have changed out the primary area analog repeaters on 165.2375 (NET 1) and 165.6875 (NET 4). Reports are that these have been replaced with 170.1250 MHz, N304 or 100.0 PL  (mixed-mode repeater) and 171.6625 MHz, N301. Also, 170.1000 MHz, N301 has been heard in the Galveston area, possibly as "D-NET 200". Neither 170.1250 or 171.6625 has previously been part of the standard CBP VHF channel lineup, but they both have appeared in the new, wide-area CBP networks along the southern US-Mexico border in Arizona and Texas. This could be signaling a major re-channeling of the CBP network in some areas. Stay tuned for further developments...

Another new DNET channel has been identified near Houston. 170.4625 MHz, N301 is being called "DNET 201". I caught some testing on 170.1250 MHz, N301 near Bush Intercontinental Airport last week.

These changes are not just in the Texas Gulf Coast area. Reports from Wichita Falls, Texas have 172.0625 MHz, N301 as D-NET 202. Keep listening for more CBP changes.

Houston area sources confirm that 171.6625 MHz, N301 is identified as D-NET 207. Also reports of hearing simplex activity on 167.8875 MHz, N301 in the Wichita Falls, TX area. This might be a new simplex CBP channel, as it has not previously been an exclusive FBI allocation, despite being in the normal range of FBI operating frequencies (167-168 MHz)

172.8625 MHz, N301 was heard in the DFW area. No channel name associated with this yet.