Thursday, November 18, 2010

FPS Chnges & Updates Continue

UPDATE - Reports from the Northeast US are that many cites in FPS Region 1 (New England) have switched over to 408.2000 MHz repeaters from 417.2000 MHz. It also appears the region is now using a P-25 NAC of N201. Some stragglers may still be using 417.2000 MHz, but should change soon. These moves are to update the repeater frequencies to a new standard 9 MHz offset, meaning the repeater inputs should now be 9 MHz from the repeater output.

Besides the primary region-wide repeaters, be on the lookout for simplex or stand-alone repeaters that might be in use in some specialized federal properties.

Despite some areas of the country already using new frequencies and P-25 digital radio, some areas of the Federal Protective Service are still awaiting updates to the communications systems. Here is a recent request for bids on replacing and upgrading radio gear for FPS Region 7, which includes sites in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

Quick Scan at IAD-Update

Had some time between slights at Dulles International Airport on Wednesday and did a little searching while there. I managed to pick up several sites from the new IWN overlay system for the DC area, shows as System 010. The System 715 is part of the original IWN trunked system.

168.7625, N011 - SYS010, SITE 1001 (DC Mall Site)
170.6250, N010 - SYS010, SITE 0301 (Bull Run VA Site)
170.9250, N719 - SYS715, SITE 0124 (Fairfax VA Site)
171.2750, N010 - SYS010, SITE 0201 (Independence Hill VA Site)
171.6250, N011 - SYS010, SITE 0701 (Fairfax VA Site)
173.9000, N011 - SYS010 (Gaithersburg MD Site)