Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Very Merry Fed Files Christmas!

Sorry for the lack of new blog entries these days, but between traveling for work and getting up to speed on the holidays, I've just not had the time for posting things lately.
However, I can offer some federal monitoring nuggets as stocking stuffers:
418.9000, 156.7 pl - DEA repeater with OTAR data, heard in the area of LAX.
167.3375 MHz, P-25 - Interesting FBI surviellance operation in the Los Angeles area on Friday, December 22. Airborne observers were in a helicopter and the P-25 vocoder had an interesting time with the whine of the turbines in the backround.
166.9125 MHz, P-25 - Unknown agency in the Los Angeles area, with both encrypted and clear traffic.
163.2125 MHz, P-25 and 163.6375 MHz, P-25 - Both of these frequencies were reported as being used by some sort of simplex operation in the Portland, Oregon area this past week. No idea who the agency is yet.

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