Saturday, January 10, 2009

VA Going Digital-Updated!

More listeners are reporting that VA Medical Centers near them are switching to APCO P-25 digital radios. One report from the Albany, NY area has these frequencies being used there:
163.0000 MHz, N299
163.3625 MHz, N298
164.0625 MHz, N297
166.2125 MHz, N296

Keep those reports of new P-25 activity coming in!

UPDATE - I have started to receive some listener reports on other VA facilities using P-25. Here are some from Michigan:
164.2000 MHz, N293 - VAMC Ann Arbor (input to 168.5250)
168.5250 MHz, N293 - VAMC Ann Arbor
170.6000 MHz, N293 - VAMC Saginaw
411.0750 MHz, N293 - VAMC Detroit

And here is one from Tucson, AZ:
171.2625 MHz - VAMC Tucson

And some from West Haven, CT:
407.8375 MHz, N150 - VAMC Police
408.2375 MHz - VAMC West Haven
409.4375 MHz - VAMC West Haven

And possibly from Northport, Long Island, NY:
410.1750 MHz, N293

How about Tampa, FL?:
163.3625 MHz, N131

Or Nashville, TN:
408.0000 MHz, N283

More updates, this from southern Alabama and Mississippi:
163.3625 MHz, 164.9625 MHz and 172.6875 all using a NAC of 293. Reports are that all these frequencies are tied together in a wide-area network.

And from Montgomery, AL:
172.3000 P-25, no NAC info available

A report from West Palm Beach, FL of the VA using 408.0000 MHz with a NAC of 2e0. I thought that the VAMC had a trunked system there, but maybe this is part of that.

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