Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pittsburgh G20 Summit - New Frequencies?

With a little more than 5 weeks until the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh starting, I've started to receive reports of unusual activity across the radio spectrum in the area.

Reports are that multiple frequencies were transmitting APCO P-25 digital, with many unusual frequencies for the area and many using a NAC of 167. Here is what was recently reported as active with apparent testing:

150.5625 NAC 167 - Frequency is a Civil Air Patrol assignment
150.6000 NAC 167

153.2225 NAC 167

157.6425 NAC 167

163.9500 NAC 173
165.9750 NAC 167

168.5000 NAC 100
168.8250 NAC 167 - Previously known Pittsburgh FBI
169.4000 NAC 167

171.3875 NAC 167

Besides these previously unknown frequencies, here are some that were heard active, but may not be related to the G20:

169.0125 NAC 357 - VAMC Police
169.8000 NAC 389 - DHS ICE wide area network

We will see what else comes alive as the G20 approaches. Past events such as this often reveal unusual frequencies being used by some of the foreign security details. Stay tuned!

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