Monday, January 04, 2010

Washington DC Pit Stop

Just passed through Washington DC after New Years and had a couple of things to post about...

First, things were fairly quiet while I was there, but did hear a number of FBI repeaters key up with no one talking several times on Sunday the 3rd. The following frequencies all keyed up simultaneously and all were analog with a 167.9 CTCSS tone:


Secondly, there have been reports of a second site of the IWN federal trunked system being heard near Washington DC.

Somewhere in Washington area is IWN Site 160, usually heard with its control channel on 168.2625 MHz. I don't know exactly where the trunked site is located, as I have only picked it up marginally from downtown DC, near the Verizon Center. Recently a control channel on 171.4375 MHz has been heard somewhere in northeren Virginia. It reports as System 715, and Site 124. And Site 160 does not report this as a neighboring site yet.

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