Wednesday, February 03, 2010

DoS UHF Changes As Well

Besides the changes going on with the DEA UHF channels, there seem to be some changes afoot with the Department of State Bureau of Diplomatic Security, .

For many years the primary DoS Field Offices used 409.6250 MHz as their nationwide frequency. But recent installations of new P-25 gear has them using 409.5250 MHz, NAC 293. Dallas, Houston, Boston, San Francisco and Washington DC are currently using the new frequency. Originally when the DoS went to P-25 in New York City and Washington DC, they were using a P-25 NAC of N0f0, but sometimes N293 would show up.

Why the change? If you add 9 MHz to the old frequency of 409.6250 MHz, you end up on the DEA's primary repeater of 418.6250 MHz. Accident? Chance? Or will 409.6250 be the new DEA repeater frequency?

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