Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Found this document on the web with some updated information on the Integrated Wireless Network (IWN) and what might be next:


It is not noted when this document was released, but a couple of interesting items are listed;

* The Southern California Border Patrol system, formerly referred to as the EVRP (Encrypted Vice Radio Project) when it began, is apparently now apparently considered part of the total IWN project. This document refers to the San Diego IWN, but I have not seen or heard any evidence that this conventional P-25 system of repeaters throughout the southern California border area is using trunking technology yet. But several times the IWN has been described as a combination of trunked and conventional technology.

* Planned expansion of the NCR (National Capitol Region) section of the IWN. Deployment of the IWN in the Baltimore area is scheduled for late 2011.

* System planning and design for the Western Great Lakes and Chicago areas is in the 2011 budget.

* Continued implementation of the IWN Systems Operations Center and Region 1 Regional Management Center for interconnection between the IWN and other networks.

Despite not seeing or hearing much new in the IWN project, there are definitely advances being made.

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