Wednesday, July 21, 2010

169.8250 P-25

While driving to the airport in Portland, OR today, I came across at least two mobile units talking on 169.8250 MHz, simplex, P-25 NAC293. From the conversations they were definitely not from the area and were looking at maps trying to figure out how to get through Portland on I-84 to I-5 northbound.

This caught my attention because this frequency is part of the assignments used by the US Geological Survey at Mt. St. Helens, ( A few times a year, listeners in the Portland area have reported weak P-25 traffic on the USGS channels, but we could never figure out where it was coming from.

No real idea who these guys are with, but one mentioned that one of the vehicles in their convoy was a "full sized truck". One unit also pointed out a "tower" and said that they had "worked on those lines before". Don't know if they meant power or RF type of tower.

The frequency could be any number of agencies, mostly Department of the Interior agencies, including USGS, BLM, Bureau of Mines, etc..

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