Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More From USFS Mt. Hood

In past blog posts I have mentioned some changes taking place in the Mt. Hood National Forest and Gifford-Pinchot National Forest areas of northwestern Oregon and southwestern Washington state.

I have been searching through the UHF federal bands lately as new P-25 links keep showing up as the radio work continues. I just installed a new UHF Yagi antenna to try and help pull in some of these UHF frequencies. Here's what I found today:

406.3875 MHz, 136.5 pl - USFS Columbia Dispatch
407.1375 MHz, N482 - US Postal Inspectors, Portland
408.2000 MHz, N107 - Federal Protective Service, Portland
408.8125 MHz, analog carrier
408.9875 MHz, N788
409.1875 MHz, N555 - USFS Columbia Dispatch
410.7875 MHz, analog
412.8375 MHz, analog - May have been US Corps of Engineers
414.0375 MHz, analog, Should be one of the UHF federal interoperability naional calling channels. I heard someone heard finishing a test count, "3,2,1, test out...", but did not catch a PL tone.
416.1375 MHz, N482 - US Postal Inspectors, repeater input

More as the new antenna sucks it in!

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