Thursday, January 06, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the Fed Files! Once again I was working at Times Square in New York City on New Years Eve helping broadcast the event. I had some time to scan and got a few hits on federal frequencies. Some were most likely normal New York City area frequencies, but a few were new. Here is a quick look at what I was able to log. Most of the communications were encrypted, but a few bits and pieces were in the clear. Quite a few radio checks were heard on the 167.7875 MHz Federal Interoperability repeater.

162.0250 MHz
162.3375 MHz

162.7375 MHz, N167
164.4000 MHz, N001 - USSS PAPA
164.7750 MHz, N167*
165.2375 MHz, N310 - CBP
165.9250 MHz, N167* Used at All Star Game simplex
167.4625 MHz, N207
167.7875 MHz, N652 - NYC Federal Interop VHF
167.7875 MHz, N94C
168.2250 MHz, N167 - NYC FBI G1/G2
168.3000 MHz, N167 - NYC FBI H3/H4
168.8250 MHz, N167 - NYC FBI H1
169.7250 MHz, N864*
170.3750 MHz, N167*
170.4250 MHz, N167 - FBI G3/G4
170.6250 MHz, N167
170.6250 MHz, N730
170.9000 MHz, N167
171.1750 MHz, N653 - Perhaps the input to 167.7875 MHz repeater?
171.2000 MHz, N293
171.5500 MHz, N167*
171.6875 MHz, N9C5 - DHS ICE Network
171.7250 MHz, N159

172.6625 MHz, N615
173.6625 MHz, N167 - NYC FBI A1

The frequencies noted with an asterisk were heard last year in Times Square as well. I'm not sure if these are normal NYC area FBI frequencies or not. Perhaps some local listeners can confirm these. But things were definitely hopping this New Years.

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