Monday, February 14, 2011

More New DEA UHF P-25

More new Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) P-25 channels are being reported active along the Gulf Coast area. Most of the new channels appear to be active in and around the Houston area, but now I'm seeing reports along the Gulf from Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and the Florida panhandle of new active frequencies.

During my recent visit to Arlington for the Super Bowl, the DEA still appears to be using the old UHF channel plan and are still analog.

Still looking for some P-25 repeaters using the 418.750/409.750 frequencies, which I haven't heard of yet.

Here is a quick rundown of some of the new activity:

409.6250 MHz, N156 - Possible new F1
409.6750 MHz, N156 - Possible new F6
409.8125 MHz, N156

409.8250 MHz, N156 - Possible new F7
409.9000 MHz, N156 - Possible new F9
409.9500 MHz, N156 - Repeater

410.4125 MHz, N156 - Repeater/simplex
411.1750 MHz, N156 - Simplex

412.2000 MHz, N156 - Simplex
413.9750 MHz, N156 - Simplex
414.2000 MHz, N156 - Simplex, possible new F5
414.4500 MHz, N156 - Simplex
418.3250 MHz, N156 - Simplex or possible input to 409.3250 repeater (not heard)
418.6250 MHz, N156 - Input to 409.6250 repeater
418.6750 MHz, N156 - Input to 409.6750 repeater
418.8125 MHz, N156 - Input to 409.8125 repeater
418.8250 MHz, N156 - Input to 409.8250 repeater
418.9000 MHz, N156 - Input to 409.9000 repeater
418.9500 MHz, N156 - Input to 409.9500 repeater

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