Tuesday, March 20, 2012

GOP Campaign Update

As noted in previous postings, both of the current front-running Republican presidential candidates are now receiving protective details from the US Secret Service.

Some initial reports have started trickling in about hearing some Secret Service communications frequencies active at recent campaign stops. Frequencies heard were 165.3750 MHz (CHARLIE), 165.7875 MHz (BAKER) and possibly 165.6875 MHz.

It's important to note that these protective details will generally be smaller and will not use multiple radio channels as with the details of those in elected office. Also, there should not be any White House Communications Agency (WHCA) activity at these events, as they have no responsibility for political candidates.

Finally, news media reports have reveled what are reported to be the "code names" that are assigned to the principles of the protection details. Here is what is being reported:


PETRUS: Santorum

However, these have not been officially confirmed by the US Secret Service at this time.

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