Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Press release on The Spectrum Monitor

For Immediate Release
Contact: Ken Reitz
Phone: 540-967-2469


            A new electronic publication, The Spectrum Monitor, will follow the final issue of Monitoring

 Times, a paper and electronic publication covering amateur, shortwave and scanner-related topics, which ceases publication after a thirty-three year run following the retirement of its publisher, Bob Grove.

            Managing editor, Ken Reitz KS4ZR, made the announcement in the November issue of

 Monitoring Times. "As the accolades poured in, all readers, regardless of how long they had been

 subscribers, expressed sadness and dismay at the closure of the magazine. I came to believe that there might be enough interest to warrant continuing the publication in some other form. I took it upon myself to explore the possibility of a follow-on magazine, not connected with Monitoring Times or Grove Enterprises, it's publisher."

            The Spectrum Monitor will debut with the January 2014 issue, on December 15, 2013, and will carry virtually all of the current Monitoring Times columnists and feature writers. Reitz noted, "These are the experts in all facets of radio who have helped make MT the best, full-spectrum magazine available and we are all excited about continuing our work for the new publication."

            The Spectrum Monitor will be available only as an electronic publication in PDF format which may be read on any desktop, laptop, iPad™, Kindle Fire™ or any other device capable of opening a PDF file. Details on how to become a charter subscriber may be found at

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