Friday, March 26, 2010

New DEA Frequencies-Continued

As we recently reported, the DEA has been utilizing some new UHF frequencies in the Houston, TX area. Previously a new P-25 repeater was heard repeating traffic from 418.6750 MHz on 409.6750 MHz with a NAC of 156.

Now a new repeater has been heard on 409.9000 MHz, also with a P-25 NAC of 156. In keeping with the 9 MHz repeater offset, the input should be 418.9000 MHz, the old Channel 2 in the DEA nationwide channel plan.

Also heard in Houston as been simplex DEA traffic on 413.9750 MHz, NAC 156. These frequencies (409.6750, 409.9000 and 413,9750) are all new assignments to the DEA, so obviously some changes are in the works. I have not seen any reports of these new frequencies in any areas other than Houston yet.

The old DEA channel plan is still available here:

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