Friday, June 23, 2006

Border Scanning - Updated

I'm based in Laredo, Texas for a few days and have started my usual spectrum sweep. Most of the Customs and Border Protection frequencies are still running analog DES encryption, no P-25 yet. I did note that the local ATF repeater is the only federal P-25 I've caught so far. One wierd thing I have run in to is a number of UHF frequencies that seem to be using something like ACSB modulation. I can't tell yet if it's English or Spanish...

Here's a quick list of what's been active:

162.8250 151.4 DHS CBP Border Patrol
162.8500 DHS CBP Border Patrol
162.8750 100.0 DHS CBP Border Patrol
162.9000 100.0 DHS CBP Border Patrol
163.6000 Voice inversion scrambling - may be Mexico.
163.6250 151.4 DHS CBP Border Patrol
163.6750 100.0 DHS CBP Border Patrol
165.2375 100.0 CBP Customs NET 1
165.2875 P-25 ATF NET 1
165.5625 Unknown
165.6875 100.0 DHS CBP Customs Inspectors
166.4625 CSQ DHS Common
166.5875 Unknown

168.1000 100.0 Unknown
168.8625 103.5 Unknown
169.1750 167.9 Dept. of Agriculture
169.4500 100.0 CBP Customs
171.5750 Unknown
173.7750 131.8 DHS CBP Border Patrol
406.4500 Sounds like a trunking control channel, but isn't.
408.3750 123.0 Link? Always active
414.4250 156.7 DEA HIDTA
415.2500 179.9 Unknown
415.5000 Unknown
416.3250 156.7 DEA OTAR
418.6750 156.7 DEA F4 Surveillance
418.9000 156.7 DEA Laredo repeater
419.1250 D465 Unknown

419.4250 156.7 DEA HIDTA

On the non-federal side, I discovered that the Cityof Laredo has a P-25 trunked 800 Mhz system up and running, new since I was here last. No info on Radio Reference yet, but I'll see if I can help submit some info.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

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