Thursday, January 19, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI Indianapolis

Things are starting to come together in Indy for the Super Bowl on February 5th. All indications are that this event will have much of the same federal law enforcement activity as past Super Bowl events.

Several news articles concerning the security for the event have been published, including this one:

Not much new information, but there are references to more hand-held devices being used for this Super Bowl than in past events. This might indicate some decrease in routine radio traffic for this event, but we shall see.|newswell|text||p

And it appears that S.A.F.E. will be handling crowd management this year:


Wednesday, January 25th, the Regional Operations Center opens:
Indianapolis officials on Wednesday opened a regional operations center for the coordination of law enforcement response to world-class events, including the Super Bowl.
The purpose of the center is to facilitate regional coordination and increase efficiency across all levels of law enforcement agencies in the event of emergencies.
The facility is at 200 N. Shadeland Ave., inside what once was Eastgate Mall. Marion County's emergency operations center will move to the new facility, with the existing EOC at 47 S. State St. serving as a backup facility.
Mayor Greg Ballard and Public Safety Director Frank Straub touted the facility as a good example of partnership between federal, state and local authorities.
Authorities plan to monitor a series of cameras at all hours, giving law enforcement agencies real-time information so they can shift crews as needed more easily.
The FBI will also house an intelligence operations center in the facility in the event of terrorism or other large-scale incidents