Saturday, December 06, 2008

Arizona Scanning

I was in the Phoenix & Tucson areas after Thanksgiving, so I had some time to scan the bands for activity...
162.0625 MHz, N001 - CBP Border Patrol BP WEST repeater
162.3125 MHz, N001 - CBP Border Patrol BP EAST repeater
163.7000 MHz, N001 - CBP Border Patrol WHITE TANK repeater
163.7250 MHz, N001 - CBP Border Patrol LEMMON 1 repeater
163.7750 MHz, N001 - CBP Border Patrol
164.0625 MHz, 206.5pl
164.6000 MHz, 100.0pl - CBP Customs NET 5
166.3500 MHz, N111 - Unknown, possibly VAMC in Tucson?
167.8250 MHz, N293
168.9750 MHz, N001 - CBP Border Patrol LEMMON 2 repeater
169.6000 MHz, 114.8pl - Coronado National Forest
169.6875 MHz, 167.9pl - Department of the Interior - BLM?
170.1250 MHz, 100.0pl - ?
170.5875 MHz, 162.2pl - Unknown analog repeater in Phoenix area
171.2625 MHz, N293
172.2125 MHz, N167 - FBI Tucson area
172.9000 MHz, N001 - TSA at Tucson International
409.3625 MHz, P-25

And we made a quick side trip up to Kitt Peak. The National Science Foundation vehicles all carried VHF hi-band antennas and I may have caught some of their radios with the Close Call, along with other transmitters located up on the peak:

155.6250, D343 - May be some sort of bus service or school district.
164.3500 - NSF Operations at Kitt Peak
165.2375 - Definitely a CBP Customs NET 1 repeater up there!
168.5250 - NSF operations on Kitt Peak
859.0000, D025
860.0000, D025 - Don't know who these two conventional repeaters belong to, but they were definitely located up on Kitt Peak.