Saturday, August 26, 2006

Coast Guard UHF Frequencies

Officially the US Coast Guard moved it's UHF airband frequencies at the beginning of 2006. This was done to move their frequencies out of the 380-400 MHz DoD Land Mobile band. Here are the new frequencies:
237.9 MHz - Operations (secondary)
326.15 MHz - Air-to-Ground (primary)
345.0 MHz - Operations (primary)
379.05 MHz - Air-to-Ground (secondary)

However, don't take out the old Coast Guard UHF frequencies! It appears that some units are still using them for air-to-air tactical and training ops:
381.7 MHz
381.8 MHz
383.9 MHz

Friday, August 25, 2006

Federal Interoperability - Updated

Some new federal interoperability frequencies have become active in the Lone Star state recently.

170.7250 MHz, P-25 is known as "Dallas East" in the DFW Metroplex,
171.4375 MHz, P-25 is known as "Dallas West".

The same frequencies have been heard in the Houston area, but they were called "L-1" and "L-2".

I've also received information that the 171.4375 MHz frequency is used as a federal interop channel in the Philadelphia area. It is referred to as the "FIO" channel.

Anyone else hearing activity on either of these frequencies?