Saturday, August 10, 2013

170.7875 MHz in Boston

Reports of a new frequency being tested by "radio services" were received from sources in the Boston area. The frequency heard was 170.7875 MHz, but no P25 NAC has been confirmed. This frequency has a sort of mysterious past, having been heard at various events but never positively identified.

Here's what I have logged it as:

170.7875, N001 - heard in Washington DC at last two Presidential Inaugurations
170.7875, N496 - unknown agency at Super Bowl
170.7875 - used as a voice channel in the IWN trunked system
170.7875, N452 - identified as a DHS Common channel
170.7875, N272 - been used for aerial surveillance in various areas of the country.

This may be amongst the new DHS "common" allocations to provide each DHS agency with its own common channel.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Bob Grove Interview About Monitoring Times

For those interested, here is an interview with Monitoring Times founder and owner, Bob Grove, regarding the fate of the magazine and his upcoming retirement.