Saturday, October 30, 2010

World Series Game 2

Things settled down a bit in our part of the broadcasting compound for the second game of the 2010 World Series. so I had some time to listen to the scanner more. Here is what was busy during the game:

157.1750 MHz - Marine channel 83A with Coast Guard units patrolling the waters outside the ball park. Call signs heard were MARINE 1, MARINE 2, PIKE and PIKE 2
162.3500 MHz - Weak P-25 or analog with DES. No confirmation of what it was.
163.6125 MHz, 127.3 pl - Speaker Palosi Capitol Police security detail at the game again.
166.4625 MHz, 100.0 pl - Unknown agency operating outside the ballpark. Somewhat informal conversations. Frequency is known as DHS Common or Treasury Common, but is found in most federal law enforcement channel plans.
170.7500 MHz, N293 - Unknown agency, encrypted full time
170.9250 MHz, N167 - FBI units, probably on location at the game. During game 1, heard some units in the clear and confirmed they were in the stadium. Game 2 and everyone was secure, but signal strength seemed to indicate they were still on location and simplex.

Other frequencies were heard as well, but probably did not have anything to do with the World Series:
163.1375 MHz, N293
163.3750 MHz, 192.8 pl
163.4125 MHz, 131.8 pl
165.2375 MHz, 100.0 pl - DHS Customs Net 1
165.2875 MHz, N650 - BATFE Net 1
165.4375 MHz, N302 - Unknown security operations
166.0500 MHz
166.3000 MHz, N325
166.7375 MHz, N293 - US Mint security
167.2125 MHz, 167.9 pl
167.7875 MHz
168.4875 MHz, N293
168.9125 MHz, N510
169.2000 MHz, 114.8 pl
169.5500 MHz, 100.0 pl - DHS Customs with OTAR
172.7000 MHz, N293

Thursday, October 28, 2010

SF World Series Game One

I'm in San Francisco for the 2010 World Series. We did game 1 on Wednesday night and only had a short time to listen to the scanner, but did find some federal activity in SF, some related to the events at the ball park...

162.6125, 127.3pl - US Capitol Police security detail for Speaker Palosi at the game.
164.4000, N001 - USSS PAPA-Active for FLOTUS visit to SF on Monday.
165.2125, N001 - USSS MIKE-Active for FLOTUS visit to SF on Monday.
165.3750, N001 - USSS CHARLIE-Active for FLOTUS visit to SF on Monday.
166.4625, 100.0 pl - Units outside stadium, not sure which agency.
167.0500, ?pl - What should be the FCC, simplex use around the stadium.

170.9250, N167 - FBI special event units on location in stadium.

Thats all so far, but will update with anything new from Game 2...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

New TSA P-25 Frequency at BOS

I know the blog postings seem to be stuck in TSA mode these days, but I post 'em as they come in to me...

I've received confirmation of a new TSA P-25 digital channel in use at Boston Logan Airport, BOS. The frequency is 166.2875 MHz, N001, simplex. They seem to be using this frequency to coordinate passengers going throught the millimeter-wave X-ray machine, also known as the full-body scanner.

This is a new frequency for the TSA channel line up, joining a whole bunch of new frequencies that have turned up with the new Icom radios.