Sunday, April 01, 2007

IWN Redux - It's Growing Again! UPDATED!

Reports are being posted on that a new IWN site has shown up in the Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan area. It is broadcasting a P-25 control channel on 167.8125 MHz and is showing the IWN System ID of 715 with a tower number of 12015 (looks like they are expecting a lot of tower sites!). Here are some additional site frequencies as recently posted on RadioReference:

167.8125 - Primary Control Channel
167.9375 - Voice
168.1875 - Alternate Control Channel
170.9375 - Voice

This comes despite information in the recently released OIG report about the IWN Project. In that report it was stated that the next phase of the IWN deployment would be in the Southwest US:

The IWN has recently grown from the initial "testbed" system in Western Washington State down in to Northern Oregon and is expected to continue to grow as the project continues. Listeners in the Northeren Michigan area should keep an ear out for additional control channels and voice channels that go with them!