Monday, August 23, 2010

ARINC delivers new Huey II helicopters for CBP

According to this article, DHS CBP has taken delivery of 3 new helicopters for its Office of Air & Marine:

At one time the CBP air force was operated under the name Air & Marine Division. Then it appered to be reduced to simply CBP Air and Marine, but is being referred to as the CBP Office of Air & Marine (OAM). According to the writers of this article, the CBP Office of Air and Marine operates more than 260 aircraft of various types and nearly 200 maritime vessels from 80 sites around the country

The helicopters were upgraded and delivered by ARINC. ARINC Inc.provides communications, engineering and integration solutions for commercial, defense and government agenices. Many scanner listeners will recognize ARINC as a provider of voice and data communciaions systems for commercial airlines.