Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another New DEA P-25 Frequency Found

Listeners in the Houston, Texas region have reported finding another active P-25 frequency that is most likely a new DEA channel.

410.4125 MHz, N156 has been heard active and at this time is presumed to be a repeater in the downtown Houston area. All comms so far on this channel have been reported as being encrypted.

This appears to be part of the move by the DEA to follow the new 9 MHz repeater offset in the federal UHF band. In theory, the input frequency to this repeater should be 419.4125 MHz, but that has not been confirmed yet.

I also forgot to post a previously heard simplex channel, 414.4500 MHz, N156. Also being reported in the Houston area.

Not sure why Houston seems to be the area chosen for the rollout of the new P-25 frequencies, while most of the rest of the country appears to still using the standard UHF channels.