Tuesday, October 05, 2010

More "New" TSA Analog Frequencies

Since the addition of the Icom F-50V radios to the TSA security checkpoints at US airports, some new frequencies have started showing up. These new frequencies are not part of the original TSA channel plan that is in all of the P-25 radios the TSA is using.

Recently I found two additional frequencies in use. First, at San Francisco International airport (SFO), I found the contract TSA look-alikes there using the FT-50V radios on 162.2750 MHz, 131.8pl with voice inversion. On another recent trip I found the TSA at Los Angeles International airport (LAX) in Terminal 3 using 166.7875 MHz, 123.0 pl, also with voice inversion.

Anyone got any additional TSA channels we haven't posted yet? Pass them along to us at Monitoring Times!