Thursday, March 08, 2007

FBI Aircraft Call Signs

This past year we have seen reports of FBI aircraft operations using a new call sign. Previously the call sign of ROSS was used by aircraft being used in FBI operations. This call sign was used on the FAA air traffic control channels in order to identify them as a law enforcement aircraft to flight controllers. The ROSS call was followed by numbers, sometimes related to the aircraft FAA registration, or "N" number.

However, some have reported that the ROSS call has been replaced by the call sign JENNA. Some have reported the call pronounced with a long E, as "jean-ah", others have heard it as "gen-na", with a short E sound. Most recently JENNA 85 (N6317T) was heard landing at Paine Field in Everett, Washington.

I have also received reports that this new JENNA call sign is actually an addition to the ROSS call. The JENNA call is supposed to be used by non-FBI aircraft and non-FBI flight crews being used on FBI operations, where the ROSS call is still used for FBI owned aircraft with FBI flight crews.

As a possible related side note, I recently heard a "JENNA 01" on the ATC channels over Colorado or Utah. Where were they headed?

BTW, the original FAA document that had all the assigned federal aircraft call signs has been modified, and the table with the call signs has been eliminated;

The document linked above used to have a table of assigned call signs for federal law enforcement and military aircraft for use while communicating with FAA air traffic control. I have a printed copy of the original document that contains the call sign table 14-1-51.

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