Friday, November 14, 2014

October 2014 Federal Wavelengths Correction

A sharp-eyed reader just brought it to me attention that there were a couple of errors in my listing of the frequencies used by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the October issue of The Spectrum Monitor magazine.

By all means, if you spot something with any frequency lists either here on the Fed Files blog page or in the pages of The Spectrum Monitor magazine, please feel free to let us know about it.

Here is the corrected list showing the correct EPA repeater input and output frequencies:

ZONE 2 – EPA Repeaters

Repeater Output   Repeater Input    Channel Name
173.8750, D731    166.4750, D731    EPA REPEATER

170.9750, CSQ     168.7000, CSQ     NI/CG REPEATER 1

170.4500, CSQ     168.1000, CSQ     NI/CG REPEATER 2

170.4250, CSQ     168.0750, CSQ     NI/CG REPEATER 3

168.4000, CSQ     166.6125, CSQ     NI/CG REPEATER 4

169.7500, CSQ     167.1000, CSQ     NI/CG REPEATER 5

173.8125, CSQ     168.4750, CSQ     NI/CG REPEATER 6

170.9750, CSQ                       NI/CG SIMPLEX 1           

170.4500, CSQ                       NI/CG SIMPLEX 2

170.4250, CSQ                       NI/CG SIMPLEX 3   

168.4000, CSQ                       NI/CG SIMPLEX 4

169.7500, CSQ                       NI/CG SIMPLEX 5

173.8125, CSQ                       NI/CG SIMPLEX 6