Saturday, October 07, 2006

Chicago Federal Monitoring

While no means a complete list of federal activity in the Chicago metro area, here's what I've been hearing the last few days of my visit:

162.7875 P-25 US Marshals
164.1000 100.0 DHS CBP
165.1500 D546 USPS truck operations
165.2375 100.0 DHS CBP
165.2875 P-25 ATF NET 1
165.3750 P-25 USSS Chicago
165.7125 136.5 FAA @ ORD
166.1750 136.5 FAA @ ORD
166.3750 CSQ USPS Airside ops @ ORD
166.5875 100.0 DHS CBP Operations @ ORD
166.7125 127.3 North Chicago VAMC Police
167.0375 P-25 ?
167.7875 167.9 FBI Chicago FO
167.9250 156.7 DoE Fermi Labs
168.8250 100.0 DHS ICE/CBP Operations @ ORD
169.3000 P-25 DHS TSA repeater in
169.5500 100.0 DHS CBP TAC 19
169.8375 D223 ?
170.0000 D116 VAMC Operations
170.6250 167.9 FBI Chicago FO
172.1500 P-25 DHS TSA @ ORD
172.9000 P-25 DHS TSA @ ORD
411.3500 D114 VAMC Police
414.5125 103.5 USPS
414.7500 82.5 USPS Postal Inspectors NLECC
415.0500 82.5 USPS Postal Inspectors
415.2000 103.5 DHS FPS Chicago

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Goings On

It was noted on Friday, September 29th by an Los Angeles area listener that he heard a new P-25 repeater being tested on 172.7375 MHz. I was in the area on Friday and Saturday but was unable to catch any traffic on this frequency. Anyone else in the SoCal area heard this frequency active?

And in my home base of Portland, OR there continues to be a "mystery" operation taking place on 173.8125 MHz. This is a P-25 simplex net, and they are encrypted 99.9% of the time. I've only managed to catch 1 or 2 transmissions in the clear.

Got any mystery frequencies in your list? Please let us know about them at the Fed Files and Monitoring Times!

What's Coming Up in MT

Coming up in the November Fed Files will be a look at the new FAA VHF nationwide communications system frequencies, a close look at New York City federal trunked systems and some additional Pittsburgh monitoring information.

In January we're going to run a Fed Files contest. Details will be coming soon!

We're also working on a project to organize all the Bureau of Prisons facilies with information on their UHF trunking systems. If you monitor any of these federal prisons systems, please feel free to pass along that data to the Fed Files!