Tuesday, July 09, 2013

New VHF Frequencies - Houston

Some new VHF channels were noted in the Houston, TX area recently:

163.8125 MHz,  N864
173.7125 MHz,  N293

There was some speculation that this may be a new US Marshals repeater setup, with various NAC's used on the input frequency. Indications are that this is being used in the Kansas City area. Further research is in order!

New DoD UHF Trunked System in Portland, OR

Although this is usually Larry Van Horn's domain, since it's in my backyard, I thought I would post about it!

A new P-25 trunked system is on the air in the area of the Portland International Airport. The system is apparently in support of operations at the Portland Air National Guard Base on the south side of the field.

Here are the system specifics from PRO96COM:

System ID : 00A
System Name : DOD USAF
WACN : 92195
Tower Number (Decimal): 101
Tower Number (Hex) : T0101
Tower Description : PORTLAND AIR BASE, PDX
Control Capabilities : Data,Voice,Registration
Call Sign(s) :
Timestamp : Fri Jul 05 15:12:18 2013

#Format: Table ID,Base Freq,Spacing,Input Offset,Assumed/Confirmed,BandWidth

#Format: Channel,Usage,Frequency,Input Frequency,Hit Count

* For some reason the system is showing a 20 MHz offset for the input frequencies, but it is actually 10 MHz. I have seen this phenomenon on other 380 MHz DoD trunked systems.

As of this weekend, no radio affiliations were seen, and base operations on other, conventional 380 MHz channels appear to continue as usual. Not sure when this system is slated to become live, but it is on the air and audible throughout northwestern Portland and Vancouver, Washington.