Saturday, June 18, 2011

NYC Updates on RR

Some additional, anonymous federal frequencies have been added to the New York City frequency database on Radio Reference:

Sifting through the updates, I spotted a couple of interesting items. First, if the contributor is accurate, several VHF P-25 channels that I have caught in the past using a NAC of 864 are identified as being the US Marshals Service, New York. They have been active, but due to encryption, the identity was unknown. Also unknown if this is a NAC used by the USMS nationwide.

Secondly, there are 9 VHF channels listed as being "Federal Interoperability" frequencies. I have noted one or two of these frequencies active during the weekly tests, but some of these are previously unknowns, or used by other agencies. Keep an ear on these and let me know if they are active;

164.4750, N653 (Also used by the National Parks Service in New Jersey)
166.5375, N653* (See Update below)
166.7500, N653
167.3500, N653
167.7875, N653 FI/O 1 (Weekly interoperability roll call tests heard here)
168.6625, N653
171.1125, N653
171.1750, N653 FI/O 2 (Heard during New Years Eve in Times Square events)
172.2875, N653

The frequency of 414.7500 MHz, 82.5pl was also utilized for interoperability tests in the past.

It slipped past me initially, but I was reminded that the frequency of 166.5375 MHz is actually the input to the BATFE nationwide repeater of 165.2875 MHz. The BATFE uses a NAC of 650 on the repeater output, but uses various NAC's from 650-65A on the inputs. I suspect that they are using 166.5375 MHz, NAC 653 as the input to the BATFE repeater in the area, and the listener assumed that the NAC of 653 meant it was part of the Federal Interop channels.

Also, the inputs for the two known federal interop repeaters are not among the channels that were posted on RR. The input to the 167.7875 MHz repeater is 164.7375 MHz, and the input to the 171.1750 MHz repeater is 162.2875 MHz.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

EPA Flys Over Dallas

Apparently in preparation for the celebrations of the Dallas Mavericks NBA Championship, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be doing low-level flights over the downtown Dallas, Texas area;

The flights are for sampling air and other environmental readings in order to detect anything unusual that might be released, either intentionally or accidentally.

The next Fed Files column will feature a profile of EPA radio channels. I have not received any information on what the EPA flights in Dallas might be using.

TSA Conducts Multi-State Exercise

If you think the TSA only functions at your local airport, think again:

As of Wednesday, June 15th, eports are that this was a multi-state exercise involving the VIPR (Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response) teams. The exercise involved inspections of power and chemical plants, rail terminals and shipping terminals, lock and dam complexes and natural gas pipelines. The exercise also involved local and state agencies as well.