Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pittsburgh G20 MACC Operational

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette featured a story on the start up of the G20 Multi-Agency Command Center in Pittsburgh:

So far lots of G20 related action on the federal, state and local frequencies, including many of the national interoperability channels. Among the federal agencies that are participating are the Coast Guard, Secret Service, State Department and aviation units probably with Customs & Border Protection Air Marine division. I'll have more later on as information comes in.

Monday, September 21, 2009

409.4 MHz - Las Vegas

A while back, a poster on Radio Reference asked about who might be using 409.4000 MHz, P-25 in the Las Vegas area. Several suggestions were posted about is possibly being part of the NNSA UHF trunked system, federal contractors, etc..

The UHF federal band, 406.1 to 420 MHz, is pretty saturated in southern Nevada. The NNSA trunked sites, as well as the NTTR EDACS sites take up a lot of available channels, and there are some conventional users as well. But I had never logged any activity on this frequency in my past visits to Las Vegas.

One poster on Radio Reference says that one party on a previously heard transmission may have used DENVER as their call sign. That made me think of the Federal Protective Service dispatch center in Denver. But, this frequency has not been previously associated with FPS operations in any other areas. The frequency itself has been used as part of many federal and military UHF trunked systems, as well as conventional assignments to the VA and Department of Energy.

I purposely set up one scanner just on 409.4 during my visit to LV this past week. I only caught two brief transmissions, and was able to confirm a P-25 NAC of 940. This indicates to me that this is not a normal FPS dispatch channel, as they often run routine check ins and units are always calling in service.

Anyone want to see if they can figure out who is using 409.4 in the Las Vegas area? Let me know what you hear!