Saturday, September 14, 2013

Armed Federal Agencies

With all the controversy surrounding the EPA and their use of armed agents in Alaska recently, I saw  this story about all the federal agencies that you didn't know had armed law enforcement personnel:

As I have mentioned in several Fed Files columns, nearly every federal agency has some division that is charged with investigating and enforcing the federal agency's own rules and regulations.

Friday, September 13, 2013

DoE Seeking New Radio System

The Department of Energy is seeking vendors for replacement of their current Motorola trunked radio system at their Oak Ridge, Tennessee facilities. The current system is to be replaced with a wide-area APCO P-25 digital system, according to the bid specifications.

There were some indications posted on Radio Reference about hearing some P25 control channels in the UHF band near Oak Ridge.

Here is some information from the General Services Administration (GSA):

DHS OIG Report on Communications Management

The Department of Homeland Security continues to have difficulties in managing their communications resources, says a new report out from the DHS Inspector General. You can read a copy of the new report here:

In the report, examples of mismanagement include two component agencies of DHS that have been storing more than 8,000 pieces of radio equipment for a year or longer at their maintenance and warehouse facilities, while other DHS communications programs suffer from critical equipment shortages.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Fed Files on Twitter

Preparing for life after Monitoring Times, I have established a Twitter account for posting breaking news and updates on the federal frequency monitoring scene.

You can follow my tweets @TheFedFiles.