Monday, June 18, 2007

Coast Guard New Haven

I was recently in the New London/Groton Connecticut area and was monitoring a lot of Coast Guard Station New Haven activity. The area of responsibility (AOR) for Station New Haven consists of almost 2/3 of Long Island Sound,extending from Black Rock Harbor to Clinton Harbor on the Connecticut shoreline and from Mattituck Inlet to approximately 2nm East of Mt. Sinai Harbor on the Long Island shore.

Besides the normal VHF marine channels, I did catch quite a few transmission on 162.1250 MHz, once known as LANT 03 or TAC 1. However, I was hearing the units calling New Haven refer to this frequency as CC-9 ("See-See-Nine"). Anyone hear channel designators like this before?
UPDATE - A kind blog reader suggested that I might have heard "CG" instead of "CC". Quite possible I guess...

Secret Service Call Signs

With all the candidates running for President in 2008, the Secret Service will have to come up with new radio call signs for each protectee. This article from the Washington post mentions that candidate Barack Obama has been dubbed "Renegade",

This article mentions that President Bush (43) has a call sign of "Tumbler", which it was when he was Governor of Texas. But I do recall that after he was elected to President, his call sign was changed to "Trailblazer", with the First Lady known as "Tempo".

The July Fed Files column will feature a focus on Secret Service radio frequencies.