Tuesday, September 04, 2012

DNC Convention Begins

The Democratic National Convention begins today in Charlotte, NC.

Some reports of convention related communications are filtering in. Many are posting on Radio Reference, but reports are mostly of convention traffic on the local and state 800 MHz trunked systems.


Got any interesting federal frequencies related to the DNC? Send them along to the Fed Files!

Ryan Secret Service Code Name Revealed

News outlets are now reporting the Secret Service code name for GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan. The code name for Ryan is reported as "Bowhunter" and his wife Janna Ryan is reported as "Buttercup". The reports apparently originated with GQ Magazine.

As reported previously, Mitt Romney has the code name of "Javelin".




Monday, September 03, 2012

New BoP Radio System - Atwater?

I recently saw a note on Radio Reference about a new UHF federal trunked radio system being heard on the air in central California. Listeners have stated that this is most likely the US Penitentiary Atwater. It is is located on a portion of what was Castle Air Force Base, approximately 130 miles from San Francisco.

Previously the Atwater facility was using a Motorola Type II trunked radio system:

System ID: 6a37
Base: 408.3500 / 412.4750 
Step: 12.5 / 12.5 
Offset: 380 / 612 
408.3750, 411.1750, 412.4750, 413.6750, 414.3000

The new radio system is now a pure P-25 digital system:

System ID: 4C7    
408.3250,  409.0125,  409.2125