Monday, December 19, 2016

Uniden Announces DMR & ProVoice for 325P2 and 996P2

Uniden has announced that they will begin to offer paid upgrades to provide ProVoice and DMR digital modes to the 325P2 and 996P2 scanners.

The Uniden 435HP and 535HP radios have already been updated to receive ProVoice mode and DMR digital trunking modes with the paid updates. The release date for the upgrades for the 325P2 and 996P2 radios has not been announced. With the DMR upgrades for the 436 and 536 radios, you were allowed to pre-order the upgrade before it was released.

The big question now is when Uniden will began offering the NXDN upgrade following the release of a NXDN mode for the competing Whistler TRX series of radio scanners.