Monday, October 19, 2015

More Federal Prison System Updates

It appears that the Federal Bureau of Prisons, part of the Justice Department, is continuing to upgrade their existing Motorola Type II trunked systems to APCO P-25 digital systems.

The Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Englewood, Colorado has recently moved to a P25 system, and here is the PRO96COM analysis of that system:

#This section is here for information only.  With the exception
#of the Call Sign(s), This data is not Read back into the program at all.
System ID             : 85D
System Name           :
WACN                  : BEE00
Tower Number (Decimal): 1-1
Tower Number (Hex)    : T0101
Tower Description     :
Control Capabilities  : Voice,Registration
Call Sign(s)          :
Timestamp             : Mon Oct 19 08:49:50 2015

#Format: Table ID,Base Freq,Spacing,Input Offset,Assumed/Confirmed,BandWidth,Slots

#Format: Channel,Usage,Frequency(/Slot),Input Channel,Input Frequency(/Slot),Input Explicit(1/0),Hit Count