Saturday, January 10, 2009

VA Going Digital-Updated!

More listeners are reporting that VA Medical Centers near them are switching to APCO P-25 digital radios. One report from the Albany, NY area has these frequencies being used there:
163.0000 MHz, N299
163.3625 MHz, N298
164.0625 MHz, N297
166.2125 MHz, N296

Keep those reports of new P-25 activity coming in!

UPDATE - I have started to receive some listener reports on other VA facilities using P-25. Here are some from Michigan:
164.2000 MHz, N293 - VAMC Ann Arbor (input to 168.5250)
168.5250 MHz, N293 - VAMC Ann Arbor
170.6000 MHz, N293 - VAMC Saginaw
411.0750 MHz, N293 - VAMC Detroit

And here is one from Tucson, AZ:
171.2625 MHz - VAMC Tucson

And some from West Haven, CT:
407.8375 MHz, N150 - VAMC Police
408.2375 MHz - VAMC West Haven
409.4375 MHz - VAMC West Haven

And possibly from Northport, Long Island, NY:
410.1750 MHz, N293

How about Tampa, FL?:
163.3625 MHz, N131

Or Nashville, TN:
408.0000 MHz, N283

More updates, this from southern Alabama and Mississippi:
163.3625 MHz, 164.9625 MHz and 172.6875 all using a NAC of 293. Reports are that all these frequencies are tied together in a wide-area network.

And from Montgomery, AL:
172.3000 P-25, no NAC info available

A report from West Palm Beach, FL of the VA using 408.0000 MHz with a NAC of 2e0. I thought that the VAMC had a trunked system there, but maybe this is part of that.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Inaugural Edition of CHM Newletter Now Available

The latest edition of The Capitol Hill Monitor newsletter is now available for download:

Anyone who is planning on being in or near Washington DC during the Presidential Inauguration won't want to miss out on all the great information that they have put together for this edition. Nice work!