Monday, June 08, 2015

Portland Rose Festival Fleet Week 2015

   I'm usually out of town for most of the annual Rose Festival Fleet Week, but I just made it back to get a chance to watch some of the US Navy ships that were docked in Portland depart the area this morning.

   When heading across the river on Sunday evening, I was searching the 390-400 MHz band for any possible shipboard trunking systems, I came across an EDACS control channel on 397.6 MHz. This was coming from the USS Chosin, CG-65. I decided to try and come back to the area for the ships departure on Monday morning and see if I could figure out the trunked system setup.

   Came back early on Monday morning before the bridge lifts to let the ships head out to the Columbia River screwed up traffic too much, I found a good parking spot where I could see and hear the ships. I noticed right away that these shipboard trunked systems are not designed to carry very far, so even with the ship in sight, the signal strength from theses systems was pretty weak, but readable. I also discovered a second EDACS control channel belonging to the USS Cape St. George, CG-71.

   I monitored and searched the bands for a couple of hours as both the Chosin and the St. George departed and think I figured out the two Hydra systems. I was unable to fully confirm the system for the Chosin, so this is a best guess, but was able to scan and track the system for the St. George before she left port.


LCN 1 – 397.6000
LCN 2 – 397.7500
LCN 3 – 399.1500
LCN 6 – 399.3000
LCN 7 – 399.5500
LCN 8 – 399.7500


LCN 1 – 397.5500
LCN 3 – 397.9500
LCN 5 – 399.2500
LCN 6 – 399.4000
LCN 7 – 399.6500
LCN 8 – 399.8500

Other frequencies in use:

143.4750, 156.7 PL – Coast Guard Auxiliary  - repeater out
156.5500 – Marine Channel 11
156.6000 – Marine Channel 12
156.6500 – Marine Channel 13
156.8000 – Marine Channel 16
157.0500 – Marine Channel 21A
157.1000 – Marine Channel 22A
163.0500, N293 – USCG NET 112