Friday, October 14, 2011

Atlantic City, NJ

During a recent trip through the Atlantic City, NJ area, I came across a few new federal frequencies:

163.1000, N167 - FBI, might be regional task force. This channel is active is many places across the country right now.
163.2250, 100.0pl - US Fish & Wildlife Service running surveillance on roadside fish sale. At one point  the channel was called "FARA Local" or something that sounded like that. Any ideas?
164.5625, N293 - US Coast Guard, NET 117.
165,1375, CSQ - NJ Air National Guard at ACY. Sounds like aircraft maintenance.
167.7750, N9C5 - DHS ICE Regional network
168.7500, N167 - FBI
172.2125, N9C5 - DHS ICE Regional network
172.8125, D754 - FAA or ANG - Patched to ACY ground.
172.9000, D315 - FAA Tech Center at Atlantic City International Airport. This is the analog portion of a mixed-mode repeater.
172.9000, N315 - FAA Tech Center, this is the P-25 side of the repeater.
173.4875, N293 - Someone at ACY, heard a "Clear To Lauch" message for ANG F-16's.
173.7875 - Unknown
345.0 MHz, AM - US Coast Guard helicopter ops.

Another POTUS Bus Tour

President Obama starts another bus tour of North Carolina and Virginia, beginning next Monday in Asheville, North Carolina;|topnews|text|Frontpage

Unknown if the Secret Service will be using the mega-buses they recently purchased for these bus tours.

Although I have family in Asheville and visit there often, I will miss this event...